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A little boy from the countryside, grew up in a room where he started to record his first musical influences on the radio "Top 40" broadcastings. The result where his first mixtapes with all the wonderful and awful music of the end 8oties to the beginning of the 90ties. Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, A-ha, Bros where Artists he looked up to. But then things changed. The little boy became a teenage kid, and there was i riot going on in his head. He started to exchange tapes with the neighbour kids. He never forgets how he pushed the play-button on his ghettoblaster and the speakers blasted out this heroic guiar-riffs from ACDC and Accept. His Mum screamed, Daddy shaked his head, but the Boy couldn´t get enough of this rawness and power that Rock´n´Roll music had. But the voyage through the history of music continued. New York and Kalifornia raised a new kind of music - Hardcore. With an x on his hand he banged his head to Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits or Sick of it all.... History changed, and so did he...screaming was not satisfying. Hardcore is the voice of youth, not of grown ups. He turned his back and began to get interrested in music from back in the old days. Good old Rock, from Stones to Stonerrock, he got everything in his pocket. Today theres is no specifique direction of music he likes. It´s not the genre that is important, but the singularity of bands or artists. And there is one thing the boy learned in all these years: Nothing is more important than the main melody! Best 5 Bands/Album ever: Turbonegro - Apocalypse dudes Beatles - Blue/Red Album Daft Punk - Discovery Ignite - Family Michael Jackson - Thriller
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music is undescribable, sometimes it´s just everything, over the past years i had a couple audio-projects, where I sometimes acted as the technical engineer and othertimes as the creative writer. At the moment I´m playing my guitar in a band called " Delta Rangers". Here is a list of some projects I´ve done in the past.
Electronic Project 2005 Granufunk >>>>>>>> Let there be artefacts

I´ve been working on some electronic tracks with my grainy study buddy Jacob Korn. In March 2005 we released an 10- Track Album on the Uk-Label "". The songs are released on napster and itunes, only for download. The album-track "Velvet Lullaby" is also available on the "mercedes mix-tape 15". Fore more information and album reviews check out



Recordings Winter 2007 Delta Rangers >>>>>>>> Toilet Entertainment

Wanting to go back to handmade music, wanting to be on stage in sweaty clubs playing with axes and spades I founded a rock´n´roll band named "Delta Rangers". After playing for 1 1/2 year we finally released an 8-Track Album in spring 2007. Again everything in and around the record was self-produced from top to toe in our semi-professional studio cellar. For more information about the band, touring, song bites and more check out:



Recordings Sommer 2006 Hotelzimmer Inferno >>>>>>>> 6 Track Demo

This was definitiv the most interesting recording session i had uptil now, working as sound engineer for Hotelzimmer Inferno. The Band is describing themselves as ironic, zynic and self-destructing mixing up Punk, Indierock and noise- attacks. The lyrics are ironic and scary at the same time but the lead singer "Frau Grande" made me laugh a couple of times during the voice recordings. We produced 6 Tracks at the Stiessen Studios. The sound-equipment and the microfones were not that good so we had to improvise a lot in the recording-room. Still in my opinion the final result matched perfectly to the band. When listening to it I still remember the passion they put into their songs while playing. This lo-fi sound and independent art of playing their instruments, lifted up with the charistmatic wry voice from Frau Grande reminds me of a NDW Band like Ideal. For more "Zerstörungskunst" about the band, touring, song bites and more check out:



Recordings Winter 2006 One day left >>>>>>>> Don´t look back

I was recording and producing the full length album "Don´t look back" for One day left in Winter 2006. This time we recorded in layers. First Drums then bass-guitar and so on and everything "on Metronom Click". In the end we had an overload of tracks, including some programmed synth and string pads, so it took a hell of a time to find the right mix. The band was pretty engaged, so I hope their melodic metal-rock will appeal to the german metal/gothic scene.

For more information about the band, touring, song bites and more check out:



Recordings 2004-2005  

During those years I made my first experiences in recording, mixing bands in our little modest studio. The equipment was very lo-fi and we had no money, but hey! at least all people being involved in those recording projects tried to do their best. Me included. Looking back we had some funny days and nights in the studio. The result was 4 Demos for school and collage bands. Listen to some sound snippets here: